What is the difference between oral deaf and oralist/oralism?

For centuries, many people have misread the definitions of oral deaf and oralist/oralism.

Oralism is the method of teaching deaf students to learn how to speak and listen and is banning sign language.

Oralist is the person who believes in banning sign language in the education system and taking away deaf students’ real identity.

Oral deaf is the person who has been produced by the oralism. Some of the oral deaf stay in non-signed language world after they graduate. Some join the Deaf world and embrace Deaf culture and signed languages.

So is oral deaf oralist?

Pierre Desloges (1779)

“I cannot understand how a language like sign language — the richest in expressions, the most energetic, the most incalculably advantageous in its universal intelligibility — is still so neglected and that only the Deaf speak it. That is, I confess, one of those irrationalities of the human mind I cannot explain.”

-Pierre Desloges (1779)


Biologically Deaf

I’m biologically deaf! I am not an audiologically or medically deaf guy. Oralism will never accept me. That is a good news for me personally but they have done to so many Deaf kids by taking away their true identity.