A. G. Bell, Tear Down This Wall!

“Tear down this wall” was the famous challenge from United States President Ronald Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1980’s. A few years later, the infamous Berlin Wall was destroyed.

Deaf Bilingual Coaltion has challenged A.G. Bell organization to tear down this virtual wall between ASL and AVT and let all parents and their children of AVT see all information and the light of ASL.

I think it is time for us to join DBC, and at the same time, we must endorse and promote ASL to all positively.

64 thoughts on “A. G. Bell, Tear Down This Wall!

  1. When the Germans tortured Jews, people from different faith…Catholic/ Jehovah Witness and gay/lesbian people…Germans put walls and used their German Shepherd dogs to attack and put fear to the Jews and other people for several years. When the Russians invaded the East Berlin then the Germans finally paid a heavy price. They had their karma. Walls for them and Russians used German Shepherd dogs to attack and put fear to German people for about 50 years. Now AGB have already tortured millions of Deaf children…I mean millions…maybe close to billion not only in USA but all over the world…their Karma? Deaf people are going to take control now. No more AGB rats and companies abusing children with CI to make profits. No more.

  2. It is purely disgusting to equate Dr. Bell with the Berlin wall. We parents who choose AVT have complete understanding and full information when we independently choose AVT, which was, by the way, only recently brought under the umbrella of the A G Bell association. We will never be interested in your tactics, and we find your cause offensive. I suggest you read some detailed biographies of Dr. Bell before you accuse him of things, and also stay away from our kids. People like Penny, who posted above, are so weird and insanely aggressive that they are showing us the real face of deaf militants. We’ll make sure that parents stay away. Her claim of torture is revolting.

  3. a mom

    I do not agree with your comment. I have known A.G. Bell since 1960’s in many books and articles. In the beginning, he was my hero but later on, I started to realize who he was. He was not very good to our Deaf community. Please do not insult my intelligence. AGBell believes in dividing groups. People who make sure to keep parents away from Deaf community are no good and are anti ASL militants. You have decided to perserve the wall because of a very few people that you do not like. You should know better than that. Your excuse is unacceptable.

  4. to a mom…I grew up orally and was the perfect poster child for AGBell and now I am a strong advocate for the use of ASL in all deaf education programs. I am against AGBell’s philosophy. What you just said is just reinforcig the continued decline of literacy rates for many deaf and hoh children due to the lack of full access to language. I declare AGBell to TEAR DOWN this wall!!!

  5. Those of you who write things like this are totally out of touch with what the world today is for kids implanted early who learn spoken language through AVT. They key with deaf children is to get them access to language early, and that is happening. There are several research studies that actually show that these kids develop language and cognitive skills that is superior to those who learn ASL and spoken language simultaneously.

    “Children educated without use of sign exhibited a significant
    advantage in their use of narratives, the breadth of their
    vocabulary, in their use of bound morphemes, in the length of their
    utterances and in the complexity of the syntax used in their
    spontaneous language. An oral educational focus provided a
    significant advantage for both spoken and total language skills.”
    (Geers, 2003).


    Subjects who acquired ASL as a second language after childhood
    outperformed those who acquired it as a first language at exactly the
    same age. (Mayberry 1992-1993)

  6. Those of you who write things like this are totally out of touch with what the world today is for kids implanted early who learn spoken language through AVT. The key with deaf children is to get them access to language early, and that is happening. There are several research studies that actually show that these kids develop language and cognitive skills that are superior to those who learn ASL and spoken language simultaneously.

    “Children educated without use of sign exhibited a significant
    advantage in their use of narratives, the breadth of their
    vocabulary, in their use of bound morphemes, in the length of their
    utterances and in the complexity of the syntax used in their
    spontaneous language. An oral educational focus provided a
    significant advantage for both spoken and total language skills.”
    (Geers, 2003).


    Subjects who acquired ASL as a second language after childhood
    outperformed those who acquired it as a first language at exactly the
    same age. (Mayberry 1992-1993)

  7. Dear Mom,

    I learned American Sign Language as an adult and asked my parents why wasn’t I taught ASL. Their reply was that AG Bell and its associates told them not to learn sign language and not for me to see anyone using sign language.
    Yes, my parents apologized and deeply regretted assuming that AG Bell and its associates knew what they were telling them.
    All my childhood life, the “Berlin” wall was between me and the reality of who I was.
    There are thousands, thousands of parents that regretted believing AG Bell.

    Speaking of Berlin, Germany where the wall was for fifty years, did you know that Adolf Hitler had corresponded with Dr. Bell about eugenics? And you, Mom, are glorifying Dr. Bell’s past history achievements that included Adolf Hitler destroyed 6 million Jewish people and Dr. AG Bell holocaust-ed American Sign Language from Deaf Culture and community for over 128 years.

    Regarding about Milwaukee, Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) asked for permit to hand out positive information flyers. The city of Milwaukee told DBC that AG Bell already have a permit – A Security permit – around Midwest Airline Center where AG Bell will have their convention.
    Security Permit ????…The city of Milwaukee said that the deaf participants are disabled and need protection from the society!!! H-E-L-L-O….MOM, AG Bell thinks your deaf child is disabled and unable to function on its own!
    That is exactly what Chipmunk is saying, AGBell, for 128 years, builded the wall between you(Mom) and reality. Enough is Enough!
    Nowhere on this post did Chipmunk builded a wall between oral, speech, CI, sign language between parents, deaf babies and children.
    But AG Bell/AVT is still keeping that giant wall up between Deaf people’s natural sign language from naive people like yourself(Mom) and my parents.
    AG Bell HOLOCAUST American Sign Language since 1880 and still doing it today, the subtle way of nazism the Deaf people’s rights to have their Sign language back.

    DBC will tear down this wall!

    Enough is Enough!

  8. Yes,

    AGBell/AVT Wall need to come down now.

    DBC doesn’t have any bias ideology.

    AG Bell/AVT still have the bias ideology, “NO” sign language for deaf babies and children in schools.

    Many, many hearing babies are learning signs at the start while waiting for their vocal chords to be developed. But AGBell/AVT is against that ideology for deaf babies to start learning signs….WHY?

    YES!, AGBell/AVT “WALL” must come down and start having un-bias ideology for deaf babies.


  9. Dr. Bell never recommended or endorsed anything akin to Hitler’s tactics. He was simply a forerunner of today’s genetics research. He was not in contact or friends with Hitler. All the “up to date” scientists of his time were reading and involved in eugenics, including the founder of today’s Planned Parenthood and many other famous people from that era. If he were alive today I’d imagine that he’s consider your statements libelous. Deaf educators from the 20th century have very little in common with Dr. Bell, who opposed residential schools and was a very kindly man in so many ways. His ideas that deaf kids and adults could operate fully in society, marry hearing people, and live amongst everyone is not shocking, nor is it evil.

    Deaf babies (and hearing babies) do not have the ability to recognize or utilize sign language in the first few months of life due to the fact that babies visual fields are not developed, nor are their fine motor skills. This is documented. However, nowadays babies can be implanted and begin learning spoken language at exactly the time that they could begin to learn sign. If they learn spoken language they can communicate with their entire family EASILY (not to mention teachers, friends and future coworkers). If they learn sign language, not only do they find it more difficult to utilize spoken language, but they are marginalized and less able to function in the mainstream. They won’t need much, if any, accomodations.

    Gnash your teeth all you want, but AVT is growing rather than losing ground. Today’s deaf child can truly do anything, including talk and hear. The fact that deaf adults like Deafreak would speak in such offensive terms serves to strengthen parental resolve to allow their child normal development so that they can rationally argue rather than spew misinformation.

  10. To another mom,

    That 2003 article uses the term “prelingual deafness” and talks about “sign” as a “system”. But, deaf children who learn ASL from birth on are not “prelingually deaf,” because ASL is a language. They are using an actual language, not merely a “system.”

    That study is flawed in its design and concept.

  11. To a mom,

    I again said that a few people have their own strong views and they have their own bad experiences with AGBell in the past. They are very angry. Do you know that many of them are products of AGBell. Many of their parents realized they made bad decision for taking their children away from Deaf community. Many Deaf people and parents suffer from an expert-driven attitude (AGBell and AVT program). That has to be stopped. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED. We need to tear down the wall and work together to benefit all Deaf children to learn in both worlds (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical). It is very sad that it happens.

    Strict AVT is NOT the answer because of its extreme ideology! Bilingual is the answer because of its balance approach!

  12. Indeed Tear down this wall. Yes please! AGBell needs stop holocaust barrier against Deaf Community who used to have ASL. Their own rights and open heart and understand communication through ASL. AGBell is closed their minds and rights control them all the way. Time to STOP right now! My parent thinks Oral and Listening (ears) learn speak without sign languages until they realized me didn’t working speaking as well perfection their expect ion. Send me to Deaf School. I’m very happy and open understand communication through ASL. AGBell is totally wrong ways and all their own way preferences prevent other ASL involved their community. Pretty find this stupid closed their minded and not willing open the door for welcomed all community rest of general as such eg: Deaf, Cue-ed, deafness and much more.. Just They wanted build their own wall and prevent anyone welcomed and force parents encourged their child become success day one? Their expectation still looping over over.. isn’t working.

    Time to go… Tear down the wall!

  13. To another mom,

    I must tell you that I just shook my head. I find that hard to believe you said that. I think you need a lot of homework. Your comment is not what I see because I have been involved in both of them. Your comment is not true at all. I guess you beleive what you hear and dont believe what you dont want to hear. THe reports you mentioned are out of date. Your comment about ASL is completely false and misleading.

  14. Re: Comment #3,
    Funny, I just read a newspaper article about how Mr. A. G. Bell likely stole one key part of his telephone from a competitor!

  15. OUT of DATE? Another mom is correct. Geers is a well respected (and current) researcher and the continued findings are that ASL hinders the development of good language development. That is, unless you only want a child to use ASL.

    If that is what you want, and that is what is done, then the child can and will continue in the typical fashion of those who are within the Deaf Culture, primarily. That is not the life that most kids want– they’d rather have it all. They want to have easy conversation with their pals down the street and the school around the corner… with their Sunday School teacher or their grandfather. Kids today want to go to any college based on their area of interest, hang out with those who have the same hobbies or political ideology– not those few who can use manual language. They want to go to movies without planning ahead… or watch TV at a friend’s house without having to figure out the captioning. This is all doable for today’s deaf child.

    Restricting them by ASL and/or lack of implantation would be a shame, if this is what they want. What YOU want as a deaf adult and what THEY want as kids is probably miles apart. Your wants are based on outdated ideology and anger based on your own lives and circumstances. Whatever pent-up anger you hold toward your parents (who I doubt were involved in AG Bell, since they never required anyone to do the things you are claiming) or your teachers or professionals should not be directed at deaf kids today, who can have it all!

  16. #19,

    Huh? Implants do not provide complete hearing. They just give *some* limited amount of hearing.

    You are being deceived. ASL is the best way to give deaf kids a foundation in language. It is a REAL language to which deaf kids have 100% access.

  17. To a mom,

    In fact, when I was small, I spent a lot of time with hearing kids. I did not have any problem with that.

    I NEVER say restrict them to ASL only. You misinterpret me badly. I say tear down the wall so that kids can have more opportunities. I do not support “Strict” AVT program that is no good based on what I see. I know only few can achieve that but a huge number of them do not make it well in a later time. That has been same for years and AVT is not new. It is old. It was founded in 1950’s. I know what I am talking about and I have been involved in that kind of stuff and ASL for almost 30 years. I know some audiologists who have realized that ASL is best for Deaf children because of their natural strength area and taking advantage of that. They also said they would encourage children to use both of AVT and ASL.

    I would encoaurge you to look at the whole picture rather than one sided information. There are many flaws in research that claims ASL is not good. So be careful of what you believe. You need to tear down the wall and look at another side. We want to share our 24 hours/7 days/52 weeks/till our end time experienses with you all (inside and outside our life). We are sick and tired of an expert-driven attitude that has harmed so many people unnecessarily. People with that attitude think they know best but they are completely ignorants for not LISTENING to us but instead, they build wall!

  18. To the “naive” Mom(s)

    You seem to think that the Deaf people’s ideology is sign language only. They have nothing against speech, CI, etc.

    It is the AGBell and its associates(AVT) that don’t want any deaf babies to be exposed to sign language at all along with speech only ideology.

    The big problem with these bias ideology people is that they are Deficit Thinking people and refuse to have any effort to try to learn ASL. Once those people learned ASL, they realize that they were wrong and support bilingual ideology.

    Bilingualism is a Win-Win ideology for all babies, hearing or deaf.

    Please don’t go mouth off while you are actually a “one-sided” coin and have no idea that people look at you as a Deficit Thinking person about Deaf reality….Yes, I was once like you until I learned sign language.

  19. To a mom and to another mom, I am a teacher for the deaf and I see so many children with implants who fell so far behind academically due to not having FULL and EQUAL access to language. U can deny it al you want but ASL is a language and I agree with the others…by providing both to all deaf children will minimize the risks for any children being deprived of a language.

    Out of date? Pls spare me because I am currently up to date and I see what happens to chilren who dont have full access to lanuage. Not only that, there are socio-emotional issues that surface when chldren dont have anyone that they can connect to.

    Pls do some homework. Strictly AVT is not the answer.

  20. Do u realize that those who support the tearing down of this wall are deaf people who grew up in an oral-only environment and learned ASL later on and those who are against it are hearing people. We, deaf people, have experienced both and most of us wish we had both ASL and oral growing up, not just oral only. Please listen to us who have experienced it all. If u dont want to then it is just history repeating itself. You hearing people dont know what it is like to be deaf so show us some respect instead of calling us outdated or misinformed. Trust me, we have been there many miles growing up.

  21. mom,
    I’ve been there oral mainstream and not allowed ASL in the classroom. Really killing me fusterate and having hard time to read-lip and listening their voice. They were kept pressuring on me when I was young. After all, I was not very happy about school who made pressure on me and focus think think all the way. I’m glad and transfered new School for the Deaf. Finally, I understand everything words per words and learned it lot than oral too limit very Illiterately education. All you want say about avt/agbell strongly than ASL. Whatever you say it.. Just wait until your child grow up and will angry fusterate one day! I’ll look forward that.
    Don’t say my child is perfection. I’m very precociously all Deaf Children always welcome both as Bi-bi languages which it’s great. Don’t let that happen avt/agbell needs open their mind.

    Actually, I’m agree with #20
    You need break your own tear down wall this wall and listening both the sides whoever experiences their past or recent the most news. I’m all yours ears! “Listening”

  22. Actually, AVT is rather new (I’ve read all about the founders– I know one of the earliest AVTs– and I do believe that you were not involved with it, since it was not being used in most places for quite some time after the founders’ work). And, since you haven’t apparently experienced it, you can’t see what actually goes on. Kids not only learn to speak, but they listen in a very typical manner, without needing excessive visual cues. Thus, they can go into the mainstream and lead their lives as any other child. Having actually seen this in practice with dozens of kids, I know it works and that these kids are nothing like what you describe.

    Using ASL causes permanent neural changes which mean that a child is at a disadvantage IF they are a child who wants to learn to listen and speak like other kids. These changes take place extremely early and, since today’s CI hearing is very, very good, it is an unnecessary problem to cast upon a child. While it would not be an issue later in life, if they choose to learn it as a second language, it is clear that manual language at an early age results in changes that cause irreparable harm for a child who could develop on par with his or her peers.

    No one is saying that you shouldn’t use ASL, but YOU seem to think that you can tell lots of other people what to do– and how to raise their kids. I’m glad that we live in a free society where parents have the right to research and choose what they see is best for their kids. Things are very different now than they were in your childhood, and deaf kids today don’t have walls. They have the ability to do anything that they want to do.

  23. Mark Twain was quoted “I never let classroom interfered with my education.” So having your child go through AVT is interfearing with his education, creating a “wall” that needs to be tear down. Why the emphasis on spoken language, it can’t be acquired without any residential hearing. A parrot can talk, only by imiatation, without any evidence of intelligence, same way with AVT. C.I. is considered to being advocated by those who are cultural illeterates. Who cares if your child can talk, it is meaningless, if he not have rational thinking, creative processes, understands abstract concepts, etc. Most parents get their child programmed having a CI, thinking a microchip will be a solution, yet they let them watch closed-captioned television, obtain a tty, and claiming that they are normal. Parents says their CI kids are safe, yet they put up a Deaf child roadsign on the street, they say their child is normal, yet they collects SSI checks, keep them away from neighborhood kids that made him felt inferior. I let my Deaf stepson play little league baseball, take karate classes, join soccer camps, etc. yet I haven’t seen a single CI kid participating in any community activities, unless it was hosted by a local organization that advocates oralism. If the child is taught oralism then why is the parents keeping them away from full participation in our society, they claims assiliamation when in fact they are not. See it for yourselves, go out and see an open-captioned movie of a Dr. Seus movie, Horton Hears a Who, and you will noticed that most of the Deaf kids who see the movie are ASL users, where are the CI kids, are parents taking them to a movie without captions, if a scientific research was ever done, A Deaf ASL child who saw an open-captioned movie would performed better on a sypnosis test than a CI child seeing a movie without open-captions. The CI kids will look normal in a regular theatre and be uncomprehensive in his understanding of the plot. He can only at most describe the special-effects. Spoken word is not language, I repeat, spoken word is not language, language is a creative thought processes that can be seen in one who expresses himself, in any external cues. Your CI child can memorizes the spelling of words, do grammar correctly, but can he think and function in the real world.
    Deaf Anthology

  24. Hi a mom,

    I know AVT has been modified due to new technology and many other reasons but the concept and goal are the same. Since 1950’s, strict AVT has failed a huge number of deaf students. They have been suffered from it. Do they deserve it? No not even one. Many strict AVT program has rejected failed recipients and forget all about them. In view of strict AVT supporters, “if the children did not achieve, then the children and their parents failed, not AVT program”. That is one area, I am very concerned about. I want to re-emphasize you that I do not support strict AVT program and its anti-ASL or anti Sign Language approach, nothing more nothing less. I strongly encourage parents to get involved in “ASL/English” Bilingual program while they can have their own options. Our experience should be recognized and appreciated, not professional with the expert-driven attitude (strict AVT and anti ASL).

    I agree with many of our commenters. Many parents have not gotten enough information about ASL and Bilingual approach. They already told me. They are in fact threatened to be kicked out of AVT program if they decide to allow their children use ASL. I find that appalling by denying parents’ rights. I find that AVT and anti ASL approach professionals’ attitudes and behaviours are unacceptable.

    Of course it is up to you to decide as a parent, but it is not up to strict AVT/AGB specialists to decide! That is why I am asking for the wall to be teared down and let all parents see all and let them decide freely.

    Thank you

  25. Hi everyone above,

    I am thankful that you have shown your support to Deaf children and their parents who believe in making their own decisions by getting full information openly and freely. I am very pleased that DBC has shown its leadership by providing excellent information to people. We must move on.

    Thank you all. I just got back from FINAL HOCKEY CHAMPION game an hour ago. My son and his team won the champion. I am very proud of him. His team (representative team) defeated another city team!

    Well done and keep up!


  26. A Mom:

    You bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and deny the truth. AGBell was an eugenicist. He wanted to sterilize deaf people so as to prevent them as a variety of human race. He sent a proposal of sterilization, but Congress tossed it into a wastebasket. An English scientist sent Bell’s idea to Hitler in 1930’s. The world kowtows to AGBell as a god!
    Tear down the Berlin Wall now!

  27. to a mom, and another mom,

    I am a school teacher and in the elementary school that I worked, my colleague shared with me about two Deaf twins who were both CI’ed when young… one has picked up quickly and is able to speak and hear, read and write well, while the other one struggled and is delayed in language. My colleague said their mother told her that she wished both twins had access to sign language so that the one who struggled will not be as delayed as she is now.

    ASL is a rich language available to both hearing and deaf… AVT is denying the deaf child ASL by emphasising speaking and hearing only, this is the wall that David and us are trying to break down.

    The research by Geer shared by another mom in #6 is not true, because of the deaf twins. This questions Geer’s integrity in research, because how do we know if she overlooks successful stories of ASL and speaking/listening together?

  28. #26

    You wrote: “Using ASL causes permanent neural changes which mean that a child is at a disadvantage IF they are a child who wants to learn to listen and speak like other kids.”

    What you really mean is if their PARENTS want them to learn to listen and speak.

    This is sheer anti-ASL propaganda and this is an old, old style of bigotry when people claim that learning one language interferes with learning another. There might be minor effects, but in the long run its always better to be bilingual than monolingual.

  29. “Using ASL causes permanent neural changes which mean that a child is at a disadvantage ” – this is a lie.

  30. GREAT POSTINGS TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT ASL AND DEAF BABIES! A mom and another mom, it is obvious you dont really understand a lot as much as we do. Please go educate yourself and open your eyes instead of just listening to the oralists who are apparently giving you misguided information about ASL.

  31. David,

    Good Morning! Your vlog is more than powerful tool to use a metaphor of Berlin Wall. It reminded me of my visitng to Moscow in 1990. Everything was under the Communist system. In one year later, their system collapsed. Everything changed into the democracy system. Since the post-communist society collapsed, I have not visited there. Perhaps, in one day, I will visit again.

    Anyway, I read all above of comments including yours. Absolutely, I agreed with you all 100 percent. We have been gone through the oral system during our childhood and starved for visual language such as ASL. I do the same thing. Yet, I am glad DBC formed last summer to promote deaf child to access early education with ASL and can learn to speak/hear (C.I.) eventually. ASL is beautiful tool to link with others. Most importantly, we want to see the deaf children’s happiness to receive ASL before reading, write and speak.

    I have been gone through the same experience as other comments. Thank you!


  32. I probably should have explained. Learning ASL is associated with the same neurological changes in a developing human brain as learning any other natural language. Without going into a lot of detail, these changes, rather than being harmful or disadvantageous, seem to be *necessary* for normal neurological development.
    In the deaf children I have observed, even with CI, the oral/AVT method of language instruction is often too slow to support proper neurological development during the early critical years. This results in language and learning delays.
    You must read carefully and critically – too often, researchers still do not think beyond spoken English in their studies of language. This gives false results, much like including ‘white skin’ in your definition of ‘success’ and then finding that children of other races ‘fail’ more often, a claim of bias which has actually been made before.

  33. Hello Deaf Chip

    WOW! your vlog about TEAR DOWN THIS WALL is powerful! Yes I agree with you and others’ comments 110%. It is sad to see these moms are ignorants and they don’t know the truth/fact.

    I read Barb DiBi’s response and her comment is excellent and awesome! I encourage you to read her comment. Thankful for Barb & others who are excellent researchers.

    Thumb Up!

  34. Depriving deaf children of utilising their natural sign language is like cutting their hands off! The brains of children — be they hearing or deaf, have the elasticity of learning several langauges during their first ten formative years. Many European children can speak, read, write, and sign in several languages. My two former students, one from Poland and the other from Sweden, knew four languages and five languages respectively. But, here in the USA, most, I repeat, most, Americans are so monolingual that they do not bother or want to learn a second language, ASL, to expose it to their deaf children. See Amy Cohen-Efron’s “The Greatest Irony” DVD.

  35. To ‘mom’,
    be prepared to accept the blame once your kids gets older and didnt succeed in AVT/AGBell.
    be prepare to accept the blame if your kids ended up resenting you for choosing to listen to AGBell/AVT not reading all literature from both side.
    be prepared to accept the blame if your kids resent you for isolated him from deaf community.
    be prepared to accept the blame is your kids language/English skills (written skills too) is poor.

    are you ready to accept the blame when it come to that?

  36. a mom and another mom

    The average oral deaf mainstream high school graduate in the U.S. reads at a 3rd or 4th grade level. Most deaf children are born to hearing parents. While many parents do make an effort to learn sign language, it is usually not “pure” American Sign Language. Deaf children, who can’t learn language skills by hearing, typically fall behind grade level in reading.

    The Moog Center for Deaf Education
    In our weekly educational meetings, the focus is on information about hearing loss, language development, cochlear implants, and child development. We discuss strategies, techniques, and activities for helping children learn to talk.

    MOOG in Columbia: Student data was not reported for this school and also no test data report

  37. Hey!

    I just happened to come across this one. Interesting how you come up with the wall. I have to be honest that I don’t see how that would work because for instance protesting at their convention last year which left them a scar. AG Bell have their own militants as well as deaf community have some deaf militants so it’s hard to imagine that many different kind of militants would actually work together since they believe in their OWN way.

    So, only way it would work is to show our positive attitude, get rid of militant attitude and be willing to work with them and vice versa. Since we want them to take down the wall, how do we explain about going to Wisc ? Is it about to try and work with them or are they going to protest there, I wonder?

    Let’s show them that ASL is beautiful.

    Good video, dude!


  38. Moms and other moms,

    I want to ask you a simple question. Would you listen to a Deaf person(s) who has a bachelor, masters and/or doctorate degree? They are ASL users and teach at schools for the Deaf, public schools, and at the college/university level. Don’t you think they are sufficient for you?

    We are aware that some Deaf people have a literacy level of grade 4 or 5. It is true and sad too. For many years however, it has been hearing people who have run the education system (from the Ministry of Education down to teachers). Many of these teachers were not proficient in ASL. As a result, the kids didn’t receive the best possible education.

    You believe that ASL hinders education. We disagree. We hope you do not have to learn the hard way that strict AVT is not a success for your child. Unfortunately we see many CI and oral kids who wind up academically and linguistically behind and as a last ditch effort, thrown into schools for the Deaf to try to educate them and catch them up.
    We hope you learn before it is too late for you.

    I suggest that you meet parents of children who were not successful in AVT and listen to their regrets at what their child(ren) went through. It’s not always easy to find these parents though because they’re often in denial.

  39. I was just pointed here by a comment left on my blog and I’m glad I came by. I just did a blog about AG Bell biased organization. I’m yet another poster child for them but I believe in the choice to have both the spoken and ASL language as options to teach deaf children. I spent five years in AV therapy and its all nice and dandy that I can articulate my endings, I lack in other areas. It is not a cure all.

  40. SG, you got it all wrong about what’s DBC is all about. I would recommend you to read more carefully in their website and see how positive effects have occurred during the rally. I find it interesting that you rush to judgment and label them as militants.

    It is all about raising awareness to influence AG Bell goers. Most of them are in the dark and for DBC showing up at the rally and welcoming them will influence their thoughts. Too often, they don’t know or realize the benefits of bilingual education. There are much more to it than having rallies at DBC. I would appreciate you to refrain your judgment until you participate one of the rallies and see what it is all about. Thank you.

  41. Hi mom and another mom,

    I admit that I haven’t read the whole website with everyone’s comments yet, so forgive me if I am repeating anything anyone else has said already.

    I noticed that most people were Deaf people who grew up ‘oral’ (as we say in Australia instead of AVT), and later learnt how to sign. Well, I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I grew up with Deaf parents, Auslan (Australian Sign Language) was my first language and I also learnt to speak orally. So, basically, I was exposed to both ‘ASL and AVT’ in your terms.

    My English is superior compared to some of those I know that grew up ‘oral’ and yes, even some of those who grew up using Auslan only. I speak English fluently, I write it fluently and lipread it fluently. I also attend University (which is not a phase of life like it is in America where going to College is the norm, and not the exception – here in Australia, it’s one choice amongst many and there is a criteria to get in), and use Auslan interpreters and notetakers for every single class I am in. Depending on my mood, I will speak to my classmates either by speech or by interpreters.

    One thing I have noticed amongst my classmates (they are all hearing) is that I am far more intellectual compared to them. Do I feel like I am missing out? Yes I do, I feel like I have no one to speak with on my intellectual level!!!

    The ‘oral’ people I know mostly work in trades or substandard jobs like supermarket shelf stacking or the like. I think I am better off, because I had a bilingual background.

    Does this mean I think I am superior to Auslan-only users? Heck, no! I’m marrying one! And he is just as smart as anybody else I have met even though he also had Deaf parents.

    Basically, what I am trying to say moms is, don’t be so quick to totally disregard ASL-only users. They just might know a thing or two.

    One last thing I would like to state also: you would like Deaf people (who obviously aren’t AVTs) to respect your beliefs and your way of raising your children or who you are. Remember to do the same back – respect them too.

    Thanks for reading!

  42. Hi everyone

    I am so sorry for not responding you all sooner. But I really really apprecaite your inputs and ideas (either agree or disagree) I could not respond to you all becuase of so many responses that I have recognized and of course appreciated very much. I am not sure if you get my response automatically. If so, please let me know.

    I have always learnt many new ideas and updates. I tend to learn something new positively about our Culture and ASL.

    For Geo, thanks for sharing your view with me. I know you have loved ASL so much and I just want to let you know that I respectfully disagree with your comment about DBC. I think DBC has attracted ACBell goers. But I know some pro ASL people have disagreed with that kind of approach but still want to spread out ASL. Of course the most important of all is that we endorse ASL in many different ways (whether we disagree or agree about approach)

    Our goal is to tear down the wall that has been built by AGBell and its AVT programs as well as its allies. That must be stopped by spreading out ASL throughout USA and most Canada.

    Thank so much to Penny, SusanA, SHel, John Egbert, Shirley, Deafreak, a mom, another mom, FH, Terri, David, Once a Deficit Thinking Person, deafk, Gary A. Fitts, 30th Anon, Platonic’s Eye, Nick Vera, Barb DiGi, DeafJoe3, Jean Boutcher, Kellyof denver, Anon hero, Seek Geo, John Mans, Abbie, DeafS Spirit and Jen!


  43. Dear Webmaster or other bi-lingual supporter, “A Mom” is vehemently against ASL and pro-AVT. AVT is just oralism with another name. Can you please post some research, some factual data about the success/failure rates of oralism/AVT. She posted some factual data about AVT–that is part of hearing culture. She may only be convinced of the past failure rates of oralism by seeing it in proven scientific factual data. Thank you.

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