Ignoring the Oralism is like Ignoring the Disease

Ignoring the Oralism is like Ignoring the Disease

Some people have suggested us to focus on the promotion of Deaf Culture, including American Sign Language and to ignore the Oralism. I agree with them about the Culture; however, about the Oralism, I beg to differ.

Focusing the health, we should examine any symptom for disease. Focusing the education, we should examine any symptom for the Oralism.

The Oralism has been harming so many Deaf babies and children around the world due to its dangerous methods. The Oralism has been making lots of money at the expense of parents and their Deaf children. The Oralism supporters have modified the failed methods to protect the interests of the Oralism by providing inappropriate and irrelevant information to governments and society at large. Many people have known about corrupt practices; however, they still support the practices. For that, they are cruel and mean. They should know better than that! They have done inhuman practices against the humanity.

We can do both by promoting Deaf Culture and checking any symptom for the Oralism.

A. G. Bell, Tear Down This Wall!

“Tear down this wall” was the famous challenge from United States President Ronald Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1980’s. A few years later, the infamous Berlin Wall was destroyed.

Deaf Bilingual Coaltion has challenged A.G. Bell organization to tear down this virtual wall between ASL and AVT and let all parents and their children of AVT see all information and the light of ASL.

I think it is time for us to join DBC, and at the same time, we must endorse and promote ASL to all positively.